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Closeup of tabourine jingles from Harms Historical PercussionTAMBOURINES

The size of the shell and type of jingles of medieval and renaissance tambourines varied widely. These tambourines are designed to sound good as solo instruments or with small ensembles.

Middle Eastern Tambourine (side picture) from Harms Historical PercussionMiddle Eastern model : Five sets of double-row jingles made of brass. This instrument is made to be played in the historic hand-drumming style, such as is found in the Middle East today. Middle Eastern Tabourine covered in goatskin (left) and fishskin (right)A beveled rim assists achieving a variety of contrasting sounds. This instrument is lighter than what is used by many contemporary Arabic percussionists. Diameter 8" ; Height 2 3/8" (also available in 2 1/8" height). Available in Goatskin or Fishskin.

"Single Jingle" model: The same as ones pictured except that it has only one set of double-row jingles, something like the Indian kinjira. This instrument can be considered a hybrid hand drum/tambourine: Though less bright in tone quality than the regular tambourine, it gets fuller-sounding dum, edge and slap sounds. Diameter 8"; Height 2 3/8".

Collegium Tabourine from Harms Historical Percussion Collegium model: This instrument is based on a Leedy tambourine made earlier this century. Nine pairs of jingles in a single row, made of either German silver or brass. It is designed to be hit the modern way (knuckles or tips of the fingers); also good for thumb rolls. Bright, delicate, and articulate sound, very good for renaissance dances, or in any chamber music situation.

Diameter 8" - Height 1 3/4".


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